Australia-based Sunrise CSP (Concentrated Solar Power), a firm that designs, builds, and operates industrial process heat and electricity generation plants that use concentrated solar thermal energy and India’s Engineers India Ltd (EIL) have entered into an MoU for Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) projects in the oil and gas sector in India. This will also encompass projects outside of the sectors for domestic clients with a single potential order size exceeding INR 300 million. Projects, where EIL has held identified and finalise international clients following agreement with Sunrise CSP, will also be included.

Catherine Gallagher, Minister – Commercial and Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, South Asia for the Australian government spoke about Australia’s partnership with India, “As a nation, Australia is committed to building a net-zero future. It gives me immense pleasure to know that Australian companies such as Sunrise CSP are able to partner with India’s leading Engineering, Project management consultancy and EPC companies contributing their expertise to India’s net zero agenda. With India undertaking energy transition to achieve Net Carbon Zero targets, Australian companies can offer a range of innovative technologies and products for Indian companies in the renewable energy space”.

Artur Zawadski, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Sunrise CSP added, “Joining hands with EIL, a global leader in the engineering of critical energy infrastructure, will
put Sunrise CSP and our Big Dish solar concentrator at the forefront of nation-building energy solutions.” He further said, “Together we aim to deliver the clean heat of the sun to industrial production at all scales and all temperatures – from heating and cooling a major cancer hospital as we are in Gujarat today, to making vital chemicals like hydrogen & ammonia, to national-scale power solutions delivering electricity on-demand – and all of our technology for this we Make in India. For us, this strategic alliance is a game-changer!”

Vartika Shukla, CMD EIL, seemed upbeat about the prospects of CSP, “The strategic collaboration between EIL and group companies of Sunrise CSP is a unique initiative
and a collective effort in driving positive environmental impacts through shared vision and innovative technological solutions. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology has wide applications and could also be integrated with the existing industrial facilities and process plants. We are poised to leave a lasting imprint towards transforming the global energy landscape in years to come.” In April, the Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Centre situated at Muni Seva Ashram in Goraj installed a solar concentrator which is being claimed to be the biggest in the world right now. The technology has been installed by Australia National University and Sunrise CSP Australia. The solar concentrator is called Bigdish.


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