Australia’s Sunrise CSP and India’s Engineers India Ltd (EIL) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a partnership in concentrated solar thermal (CST) power projects. This exclusive collaboration will focus on projects in the Oil and Gas sector in India, as well as other projects for domestic clients with a single potential order size of over INR 300 million.

The MoU signifies a commitment by both countries to work together towards building a net-zero future. Australian companies like Sunrise CSP can contribute their expertise to India’s renewable energy transition and net-zero agenda. With India aiming to achieve Net Carbon Zero targets, there is a demand for innovative technologies and products in the renewable energy space, which Australian companies can provide.

Sunrise CSP, in collaboration with EIL, aims to deliver clean and sustainable solar energy for industrial production. Their technologies can be utilized for various applications such as heating and cooling in hospitals, production of vital chemicals like hydrogen and ammonia, and national-scale power solutions.

By integrating concentrated solar power (CSP) technology with existing industrial facilities and process plants, India can drive positive environmental impacts and transform the global energy landscape. This strategic partnership between Sunrise CSP and EIL is a significant step towards achieving these goals.

This collaboration will not only bring together the expertise of Australian and Indian companies but also contribute to the growth of the renewable energy sector and the overall development of both countries.


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