Sunrise CSP India was established in 2018 to bring cost-competitive thermal energy and electricity solutions to the Indian sub-continent.

It brings to India a diverse range of technologies from Sunrise CSP Australia and Indian innovators that enable game-changer energy solutions tailored for the Indian process heat and electricity markets.

The management team of Sunrise CSP India has a 30-year record of accomplishment in commercializing and building Concentrated Solar Thermal solutions for desalination, institutional cooking (including the world’s largest solar steam cooking system), commercial laundry, space-cooling, and carbon capture & utilization.

With investment from Sunrise CSP International and Australia, Sunrise CSP India is building the world’s first commercial Big Dish plant at Muni Seva Ashram (MSA), an NGO near Vadodara, Gujarat. The solar power generated at this plant will be used to supply electricity and steam to India’s top-rated cancer radiotherapy hospital, The Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Centre at MSA. This electricity and steam will be used for space-cooling, sterilization, laundry operations, and cooking at this hospital.