Artur Zawatski with Australian Energy and Climate Minister Bowen
  • Australian Commonwealth Minister for Climate Change and Energy, the Hon. Chris Bowen met with Australian and Indian smart energy business leaders at the G20 Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) being held in Goa this week.

The Hon. Chris Bowen, Minister for Climate Change and Energy is representing at the Australian Government at the CEM.

Smart Energy Council’s Australia-India Smart Energy Industry Discussion with Minister Bowen was held today at the 14th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) and Mission Innovation meetings hosted by the Government of India in Goa, India.

Scheduled in the margins of the G20 Energy Transitions Ministerial Meeting this event brought together governments, businesses, and non-government organisations to advance clean energy together.

“The event highlighted Australian and Indian industry-to-industry collaboration on accelerating progress to a net zero global economy,” said Minister Bowen.

“This is about win-win, a win for Australia, a win for India – closer economic relations with what is the fifth largest economy in the world and growing,” said Bowen.


Smart Energy Council Delegation to India

This event builds on the recent Smart Energy Delegation to India, involving 34 Australian business leaders visiting four cities, including joining Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in Ahmedabad (also when the Fourth Test between India and Australia was being held).

“The Smart Energy Council is honoured that Minister Bowen met with our delegates and partners in India; and is looking to strengthen India-Australia business ties – just as we are,” said Smart Energy Council CEO John Grimes.

“As India scales up solar and battery production, looks to build massive projects overseas, and rolls out cutting-edge energy technology at home, the opportunities for collaboration are immense.

“We’re in a critical and global race for renewable energy investment, if Australia seizes this opportunity, we could become a renewable energy superpower,” said Grimes


AUS Solar Big Dish roll-out across India

At the G20 event, Minister Bowen announced the completion of stage 1 of Big Solar Dish system at Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Gujarat, India. Australian business Sunrise CSP has now commissioned the first of a three stage tri-generational solution for the Hospital.

“This is fantastic example of leading edge Australian solar technology now being made and helping transforming thermal power in India,” said Minister Bowen.

“The Big Dish system developed by the Australian National University delivers steam up to 600 degrees Celsius and 160 bar pressure – perfect for district heating and cooling, industrial process heat and power,” said Sunrise CSP CEO Artur Zawadski.

“This is an outstanding example of world leading industry-to-industry across country collaboration in the race to a zero carbon economy,” said Smart Energy Council CEO John Grimes.


Solar power station in a box landing in India

Minister Bowen highlighted the entry of Australian solar tech company 5B into the Indian market, again collaborating with Indian businesses.

In partnership with AES India, 5B is deploying a new solar project in Goa in line with the Government of India’s priorities for the energy sector. 5B’s revolutionary MAVERICK technology has re-engineered the solar supply to deliver solar projects faster & smarter than ever.

“5B is grateful to the Smart Energy Council and partners in India for making the jump from start-up solar business to global juggernaut,” said 5B’s Matt Vocale at the event.

“5B is exactly the sort of Australian solar tech company able to rapidly roll-out solar power to world – something the Albanese Labor Government is focused on,” said Minister Bowen.

“A great example leading edge solar technology being commercialised iand helping Australia realise the opportunity to become of renewable superpower,” said Smart Energy Council CEO John Grimes.

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