Sunrise CSP

Sunrise CSP Pty Ltd develops, supplies and supports world leading Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology for the development of cost-competitive, utility-scale electricity generation and high temperature industrial process heat systems.

Our core technology is the Big Dish solar concentrator and its complementary technologies. These technologies can be deployed in stand-alone or grid-integrated solar power projects, with or without storage, or hybridised with gas, oil or other fuels to deliver cost-competitive dispatchable power generation systems.

They may also be deployed to provide thermal energy for a diverse range of high temperature industrial processes such as desalination, enhanced oil recovery, minerals processing, the production of hydrogen and solar enhanced fuels.

Sunrise CSP has a detailed technology road map to enable Big Dish based power plants to compete, without subsidy, with gas-fired generation by 2020 in markets paying world parity prices for gas.

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