Sunrise CSP
About Us

Sunrise CSP Pty Ltd develops, supplies and supports world leading CSP technology for the development of cost-competitive, utility-scale electricity generation and high temperature industrial process heat systems.


In December 2013 Sunrise CSP acquired the intellectual property (IP) for the Big Dish solar concentrator and its complementary technologies from Wizard Power Pty Ltd. The complementary technologies include:

  • Laminated Solar Mirror Panels (SMP) that deliver high optical performance and low lifecycle costs;
  • A molten salt based solar energy storage and transport system SUMO for on-demand and time extended energy delivery; and
  • An onsite manufacturing and deployment system for Big Dish solar fields, the Factory-in-the-Field (FiF) that maximises local manufacturing and supply opportunities.

These technologies can be deployed in stand-alone or grid-integrated solar power projects, with or without storage, or hybridised with gas, oil or other fuels to deliver dispatchable power generation and industrial process heat solutions.

Our Business Model and Services

Sunrise CSP's business model is based on providing our IP assets to clients under licence, with documentation and consulting support throughout the project lifecycle.

We are focused on developing solutions that deliver value to clients through:

  • A focus on market aligned R & D, value engineering and supply chain solutions;
  • Delivering technologies with lower capital, operation and maintenance costs that deliver a superior return on investment.
  • Maintaining a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge management boosting the competitive advantage provided by our IP with every project.

Our core expertise includes:

  • Solar thermal technology research, development and commercialisation;
  • Assisting our clients to design integrated energy solutions;
  • Intellectual property licensing; and
  • Whole of project lifecycle technology support services.
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